Refill pages are available for the Photo Journals in all three sizes, in natural ivory, acid free sheets. 

Refill pages come in packs of 10, and each pack includes 2 extension posts to modify the post binding, allowing the Photo Journals to hold up to 20 sheets total.

Use photo corners, double-sided sticky tape, glue sticks or sprays – acid-free and photo-safe – to mount photos on the refill pages.

To add more pages to your KINSHO Photo Journal, simply remove the extension posts that are attached to the Refill Pages package label. 

Remove the post screws in the Photo Journal with a coin or flat head screw driver. Hold one side of the screw steady using an additional coin or screw on one side, while rotating the other side. 

Once the screws are removed join the extension screws to the post screws and add the refill pages back into the album.